Can I Remove Twitter Likes On My Profile?

News 07:05 May 2024:

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On twitter, you can only remove twitter likes if you’re the one who place them. If other users like your tweets, you can’t do anything to undo that. Your followers can see the tweets that you’ve liked on “Likes” tab on your profile. If you don’t want them to see some tweets, you can remove the like by clicking on the heart icon again.

Most people use twitter likes to show approval or appreciation for another user and some people use them to bookmark something they want to read later. If you feel these tweets that you’ve like can be incriminating, then you can copy the link to whatever you want to read instead of placing a like.

Social media makes it easy for others to track our activity, and as much as you may trust your friends or followers, there are certain things you want to keep private. Unlike on Facebook where you can share something and set the audience to “Only Me”, twitter works differently because it archives your likes and they’re visible to anyone who follows you.