Can you buy automatic Favorites? Is it Legal?

News 01:04 April 2024:

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To most people, attracting favorites is the hardest thing to do on twitter. You may get a hundred likes in a minute for a joke you shared, but making people favorite your tweet is not something everyone gets to see happen. As a result, many twitter users have resulted to buying automatic favorites in the hope that they will appear more popular among their peers. And actually twitter does recognize that many of their users do buy favorites and followers,but they have taken little action in the past few years.

So, why should you buy automatic favorites? In the case of likes and followers, you could somehow lure people to follow you because you already appear popular. However, having many favorites on a tweet can’t really convince someone to follow you. In addition, favorites don’t tend to push your tweets to other twitter users unless you use a few hash tags on your tweets. Either way, many people tend to follow others because they are already famous or because their content is interesting and not necessary because they have many automatic favorites on their tweets.